• To nurture and develop futuristic technologists who will make a positive impact in the automotive industry with the right skills, attitude, and confidence.
  • To become a premier automotive college in Malaysia that attracts:
    • Passion-driven automotive students to come, explore, and equip themselves for a successful future in the automotive industry
    • Leading companies to hire our graduates who excel in skills, character, communication, and leadership
    • Working adults to level up their skills that accelerate their future professional growth
    • Top industry players to give perspective-shifting talks that motivate and prepare our students for the real world in every possible way!



  • To provide Industry Focused Education that equips students with industry relevant skills. Our programmes are carefully designed by industry experts to meet contemporary challenges and embrace the ever-changing automotive environment.
  • To integrate Character Building and Soft Skills Development programmes. Our programmes focus on the holistic growth of the students, helping them develop work ethics, leadership qualities, and communication skills.
  • To hire experienced, dedicated and motivated lecturers to carry-out Student-Centered Teaching. State-of-the-art equipment. Advanced courses. Innovative teaching methodologies. All these would mean nothing without dedicated, qualified, and self-motivated teachers.
  • To implement a Unique, Industry Recommended and Proven Teaching Methodology that simplifies and eases the learning process.