Employers in The Automotive Industry Face Countless Issues with Graduates...

“Fresh graduates lack passion and a learning attitude”

“They don’t take the work seriously”

“There is a gap between learning and industry requirements”

“Poor communication and problem-solving skills”

“Lack self-confidence and discipline! Everything has to be spoon fed”

“They’re always checking Facebook and Instagram”

“Not taking initiative! Not willing to take direction!”

An Automotive College Like No Other

We are a brand-new automotive college in Malaysia. We bring you the most advanced automotive programmes, personal development courses, industry-experts’ led workshops, career enhancement training, and numerous insightful industry-related activities for students and working professionals from all walks of life.

At i-CTI, we…

Seamlessly blend skill training with academics.

Meticulously bridge the gap that exists between learning and industry requirements.

Effectively mix automotive courses with character-building programmes.

Carefully integrate theoretical learning with hands-on industry experience.

A Learning Platform Like No Other

We inspire. We encourage. We care. We mentor. We celebrate. We are industry-driven. We are character-driven. We are fun-driven. We are affordable. We are student-centric.

We are i-CTI.

Malaysia’s caring and student-centric automotive college

i-CTI is an offspring of the premier TVET College, AUTO PRIMA. For the past 15 years, we have a track record of producing skilled industry-ready technicians for the automotive and manufacturing industry.

Do you want to pursue a career in the automotive field? Do you want to stand out in the automotive industry? Do you want to be career-ready and reach greater heights in life?

It’s time you get in touch with us.

At i-CTI, it’s our dream, aspiration, and mission to produce complete futuristic technologists, setting new standards in the automotive industry.

Being in the technical and education industry for almost 10 eventful years, it was clear to me that simply making students job-ready will never be enough. The industry needs more than skill excellence. The industry needs graduates with good communication, confidence, discipline, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills and a learning attitude. For students to develop these qualities and unlock their true potential, we need to offer a holistic education that blends hands-on skills and academics, experiential learning and theory, technical expertise and personal development. We aspired for a platform where we could nurture technologists who are very skilled, at the same time, incredibly helpful and amazingly humble.Always!

i-CTI was born.

Navitha Nava Vinoba